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uPVC Mechanisms
(Multipoint Locks)

A mechanism is the strip that runs down the full length of the door which incorporates different locking points.

Multipoint locks have been primarily used on uPVC doors, although more recently they are being installed on timber and composite doors.

A big percentage of our jobs are Emergency call outs to uPVC and composite doors where the customer can not lock their door. A lot of times this can be a simple and inexpensive fix as the door has dropped on the hinges and the multipoints will no longer line up to the frame locking keeps. We can make the necessary adjustments to get the door operational again, however mechanisms do fail.

If this is the case then you do not always have to replace the full mechanism. If still produced you can replace just the gear box. This is the central part of the mechanism that operates the locking points. These are usually cheaper than a full length mechanism.

We carry a vast amount of uPVC replacement parts on our mobile workshop so most jobs can be completed in one visit thus reducing the cost of further works.

Most modern uPVC and composite doors have adjustable points but please be cautious before attempting to fix a door alignment issue. A little knowledge goes a long way so we advise you do some research beforehand. Please feel free to contact First Choice Locksmiths to see if we can offer some advice.

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