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uPVC / Composite Door Locks
(Euro Cylinders)

We have lock options to suit all budgets.

The very minimum security requirement you should have fitted to your uPVC and composite doors is a snap safe cylinder. First Choice Locksmiths supply and fit this type of lock as standard.

A popular break-in method used by burglars is called lock snapping. Snap safe cylinders go along way to prevent this from happening, however we will always recommend that our customers have Anti Snap 3 Star British Standard cylinders installed. This type of lock has passed the most strict and rigorous security testing.

We supply and fit Avocet ABS high security locks which have the highest security accreditation available. ABS locks feature technology to combat against lock snapping, picking,drilling, bumping and lock pulling and are also Police approved.

If you want the best in high security cylinders then these are the standards to look out for…

Lock Security Logos

First Choice Locksmiths are approved installers of ABS locks so we buy direct from the manufacturer at a low trade price meaning we can pass on the savings to our customers.

With all the euro cylinders that we install you have the option to key alike, this means you could have multiple doors operating off of a single key and even padlocks giving the benefit of a 1 key home.

We also supply install thumb turn euro cylinders. A thumb turn lock can be locked or unlocked from inside with out the use of a key but does not diminish the level of security. This type of lock is ideal for situations where someone like a carer who needs regular access can not be locked out by having a key left on the inside of the lock, also handy solution in the event of a fire where keys could be lost.

What ever lock you require, First Choice will have a solution.

First Choice Locksmiths Exeter approved ABS - ATK lock installer
Lock snapping
Avocet ATK High Security lock fitted in Exeter

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Get in touch for a free quote. We're available 7 days a week with no call out fees.

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